The Verso CNC team

Passionate people

Electronics, mechanics and computer developers, each of us has worked in the development of numerically controlled machines and has been a user of them.

In 2018, we decided to create VERSO CNC with the aim of focusing our work around a single line of machines of excellence. Indeed, software, firmware, control electronics and precision mechanics must constitute a perfectly coherent and ergonomic whole.

Today, our skills and experience give us full control over our entire machine, in terms of both support and development, and we can respond quickly. This allowed us, for example, within a few short weeks of the 2022 increase in energy costs, to develop the "inverter control" system for the VSR suction turbine (the biggest consumer of energy on the cutting tables).

Listening to our customers, we regularly develop specific macros to meet the new needs of an ever-growing number of users!

Equipe - Verso CNC VSR