Integrated and automated functions

Automatic Tool Changer
Changeur d'outils automatique
ISO30 24 Positions
Camera / Mark recognition
Calage optique Verso CNC
Auto scan of printed marks and edges recognition of workpiece


Calage optique Verso CNC
3D Sensor
Changeur d'outils automatique
Auto workpiece scan of irregular materials (e.g. cast PMMA) – Perfect and constant depth engraving
3D Sensor
Changeur d'outils automatique
Periodic correction of table geometry
Smart 12 zones vacuum table
Changeur d'outils automatique
Automatic zone switching via VERSOCAM during work.
Power modulation from 0.8 to 10 KW
(Energy saving - effective aspiration)
AKS (Automatic Knife Setter)
Changeur d'outils automatique
Offset and blade direction autoset
Verso CNC - Tête pilotée
Auto Brush Positionning
Verso CNC - Tête pilotée
Auto Z positionning during work
Verso CNC - Tête pilotée
Homing and squareness
Absolute position +/- 2.5µm
Perfect squareness adjustement during homing

An autonomous machine: real challenges...

Viewed separately, some of the above features and technologies may seem secondary and only be there to provide comfort during use.
However, it is the combination of these different "details" that allows our digital milling machines to work for several hours in a row, safely and without an operator present during the machining work.

To maintain an effective link between the operator and the machine, we have equipped our VERSO CAM software with an SMS sending function. The machine warns the operator directly on his/her mobile in different circumstances:
- Work complete
- Tool breakage during machining
- - Crossing of the security perimeter (if the safty scan is present)
- Emergency stop activated
- Insufficient compressed air

Therefore, operator times and costs are significantly reduced compared to a machine that does not have all these functions.