In line with the VS and VS+ models...

"The VERSO VSR is a heavy, overpowered, automatic, fully versatile digital cutting table."

Discover the entire Verso CNC VS R range

High-power milling

From very fine engraving to the heaviest materials

UTM (Universal Tangential Module)

Tangential cutter, oscillating cutter, V-cut, scoring wheel, tapping, etc.
All materials compatible up to 57,000 mm/min

Optical positioning

Printed material and double-sided cuts

Automated functions

Areas of the vacuum table, power of the table, chip collector, height of the brush, tool sensor, material and table sensor, etc.

Simple and powerful VERSO CAM software

Intuitive and graphic, many "business" macros for the assisted processing of complex objects (letter cases, folded casing, etc.).

The VSR is very well known in the fields of signs, POS advertising and signage and perfectly meets a large number of industrial and artisanal needs.
For example, thanks to their advanced and automated features, some of our machines produce ski soles, templates for luxury leather goods and even high-end toilet seats!

Flexible materials

- Vinyl
- Canvas
- Magnets
- Paper
- Polyethylene
- Rubber
- Leather/faux-leather
- Carpet

Semi-rigid materials

- Akylux®
- Forex® (expanded PVC) up to 5 mm
- Iron-on (floor marking)
- Stadur®
- Acoustic felt (up to 15 mm)
- Cardboard/foam board
- Polystyrene
- Foams
- Reboard®

Rigid materials

- PMMA up to 80 mm (Plexiglas, LED block, etc.) - Solid or expanded PVC (Komacel®, Simopor®, etc.) - Dibond® - Hylite® - Stadur® - Solid aluminium up to 30 mm - Thick solid wood, plywood, melamine, MDF, etc. - Pe, PeHD, Teflon®, Nylon®, POM